Stretchy, Hokkaido-style cheese toast from Thailand to arrive in 4 malls across Singapore

We sure love our cheese toasts here in Singapore. That’s why we’re psyched for the arrival of Thai brand Say Chiizu, which will be setting up takeaway kiosks at not one but four malls from Jan 15 onwards.

Known for its stretchy, Hokkaido-style cheese toast, the eatery sure knows how to pull Singaporeans in with its cheese made from imported Japanese milk and mixed with other cheeses like mozzarella. As for the Hokkaido milk toast that sandwiches the cheese, you can sample it in three flavors for now: charcoal, chocolate, and original (strawberry and matcha will come later) — although at $3.80 each, it’s slightly more expensive than if you were to get it in Bangkok (just sayin’).

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