Say Chiizu: Bangkok’s Popular Stretchy Melted Cheese Sandwich Now in Singapore

Bangkok’s Hokkaido-style stretchy cheese toast Say Chiizu has finally made its waves to the sunny shores of Singapore! Say Chiizu opened its first ever kiosk at VivoCity, and we popped by to check it out!

It was difficult to capture a shot of the Say Chiizu’s storefront without the crowd because everyone was just as excited as we were to get a taste of this highly-anticipated franchise.

Despite the long queue at peak hour, the staff were friendly and incredibly organised as they doled out piece after piece of toast.

The toasts are prepped and filled with the tasty cheese filling ahead of time, and are grilled a la minute upon order. Customers are asked to wait for about three minutes for their orders to be ready, which really isn’t too long of a wait, if you ask me.

The difference in the Say Chiizu’s flavours actually come from the bread. The Charcoal toast ($3.80) was the sweetest out of all three flavours. The bread was a little more crumbly, perhaps due to the charcoal.

Paired with the brand’s premium cheese made from Japanese milk, it was a creamy and a cheesy delight from start to finish.

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