Taking the phrase “it’s a bit of a stretch” quite literally is Say Chiizu – the irresistibly Instagrammable Hokkaido-style cheese toast that has taken Thailand by storm with its ‘pull-factor’, and is now set to ‘pull’ in the fans from Singapore as well.

Proudly owned by Say Chiizu Pte Ltd in Singapore, the brand will open its first outlet on 15 January at VivoCity and Singaporeans can expect more stores dotted throughout the island in shopping malls such as White Sands Shopping Centre, 313@Somerset and The Clementi Mall in the first quarter 2018. Aside from takeaway kiosks, the brand will also be opening a café in central Singapore in February, this year. There are plans to open 10 outlets by the end of 2018.

A cut above the rest, Say Chiizu’s famous cheese is made with specially imported Japanese milk, thus resulting in a deliciously premium flavour. It is then mixed with a blend of fresh cheeses such as mozzarella to create the optimum texture for that unmistakable ‘cheese-pull’, while staying true to the brand’s emphasis on using ingredients with no additives or preservatives.

The brand’s commitment to making ‘your smile their happiness’ is evident in its ultra-stretchy cheese pull and bright cutesy package, modelled after one of the co-founders’ nickname ‘Bear’. Snugly wrapped in a ‘kawaii’ (Japanese for ‘cute’) sunny yellow ‘bear’ sleeve with a smile made up of the Japanese words for ‘Say Chiizu’ the cheese is served between crisp slices of pillowy homemade Hokkaido milk toast while remaining invitingly melty within. Customers can expect a subtle savoury-sweet flavour in every bite that will satisfy all dairy cravings.