Does the Instagrammable cheese toast taste as good as it looks?

Even though we’re only three weeks into the new year, it seems like there’s already a new food trend to jump on. Gone are the days of queuing for cheese tea and raclette cheese. That was so last year. Cheese toasts are the new ‘in thing’ you have to try.

Say Chiizu first started out selling cheese fries after co-founders Keeratikorn Letlumchaiyakorn and Pornphan Petchdara developed a passion for all things cheese while working in Australia and Europe. They have since expanded into toast and drinks and have brought the Instagrammable Hokkaido-style cheese toast to Bangkok, Korea and now Singapore.

Currently, the takeaway kiosks located at White Sands Shopping Centre, 313@Somerset, VivoCity and The Clementi Mall offer three different flavours – Original, Charcoal and Chocolate which are priced at $3.80. How affordable!

The cheese is made with specially imported Japanese milk which is then mixed into a secret blend of cheese (mozzarella is one of them). Both the bread and cheese are made in-house.

Choices are limited but the full menu that will include cheese fries and drinks will be unveiled at the cafe set to open some time in February in central Singapore.

The first flavour I got to try was the Original. I might have been a little too busy capturing pictures of the adorable bear sleeve which resulted in a failed cheese stretch as the cheese had already cooled down. Even so, the toast was light and airy with a hint of butter. It was toasted to perfection and had a nice crunch to it. The thick layer of cheese sandwiched between the savoury toast was sweet and chewy and had a taste reminiscent of milk and honey.

Next, I had a go at the Chocolate and Charcoal flavours. This time, I wasn’t going to miss my chance at a cheese pull shot. As suggested, I waited for 30 seconds for my toast to cool down. I then proceeded to take a bite from the middle of the toast where the cheese was more concentrated and pulled outwards. And there you have it, a shot worthy of your Instagram story and those calories.

Tip: Choose the Charcoal flavour for the ultimate cheese pull shot as the black coloured toast contrasts nicely against the white cheese.

But honestly speaking, apart from the Chocolate flavour tasting a tad bit sweeter, there wasn’t much of a difference between all three. But that was nothing to complain about as the flavours of the bread are subtle so as to not overpower the delectable cheese.

The only downside of this novelty snack – the oily fingers from the butter that coats the toast. But for a delicious mid-shopping treat, why not? Just remember to have some wet wipes on standby and you’re good to go.