Introducing SayChiizu

Introducing SayChiizu

SayChiizu has many products that has gained its popularity in Thailand, with the Cheese Toast being the most famous.With its endearing packaging and stretchable cheese within the toast, it is an entire experience savouring it – try pulling the cheese as long as you could when you bite into the crunchy toast, then savour the whole thing again.The special cheese is made (by our own farm in Thailand) with special recipes. SayChiizu is appealing to all ages especially children, teenagers or those seeking a fun-filled experience!


The Crowds Magnet

The Crowds Magnet

With its cute packaging and the very fun cheese pulling, SayChiizu is appealing to children, teenagers and young office workers.

“The Cheese Is So Tasty!”


The Menu

The Menu

SayChiizu Cheese Toast: Original Cheese, Chocolate Cheese, Charcoal Cheese, Strawberry Cheese

SayChiizu Cheese Drinks: Yuzu Cheese Tea, Matcha Cheese Tea, Strawberry Cheese Tea, Peach Cheese Tea

SayChiizu Cheese Snacks: Pizza Cheese Fries, BBQ Pull Chicken/Pork Cheese Fries, Cheese Fries, Classic Fries

“SayChiizu cheese teas are nice and unique in its own way.”


SayChiizu Cheese

What’s so special about SayChiizu’s Cheese?

The special cheese is produced(by our own farm in Thailand) with special recipes. SayChiizu purchased premium cows and the necessary machinery directly from Japan to produce its cheese. That is why we called it the Hokkaido Cheese Toast even though SayChiizu is originated from Thailand.  It is a special formula combining 3 different types of cheese to produce the unique taste and texture. The end result; super tasty and very stretchable cheese.

Outdoor Kiosk @ Siam Square One

Crowds queuing for the Signature SayChiizu Cheese Toast

Our aim is to make our shop concept fun and interesting. Using bright striking yellow as the main color, it catches people’s attention from far away.

“Pull Da ChiiZUUuuu!”